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We help companies and institutions

improve their
efficiency and

We optimise
companies and institutions



We transform activities and processes for greater efficiency, effectiveness and profitability

  • A number of large British retailers, 8000-11000 employees
  • A Croatian food manufacturer, 6000 employees
  • A Slovenian food manufacturer, 3600 employees
  • A global engineering group (US/Europe/China/APAC), 22000 employees
  • A Croatian telco, 1000 employees
  • A British defence company, 5000 employees
  • A global bank, 189000 employees
  • A Central-European banking group, subsidiary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1300 employees
  • A Croatian media company, 30 employees


We help companies source finance and effectively manage their balance sheet

  • A Croatian holding company, 11000 employees
  • A Slovenian subsidiary of an international bank, 500 employees
  • A Slovenian airline, 400 employees
  • A Slovenian leasing company, member of a SEE banking group, 200 employees
  • A South-East European bank, 1100 employees; Asset management department


We help bring strategy to life by building organisations that achieve their objectives in a cost-effective manner

  • A British airline, 40000 employees, of whom 150 in the Human Resources department
  • A Central European oil company, 10000 employees
  • A British sports governing body, 900 employees, supported formation of a new 60 FTE department
  • A South-East European white goods manufacturer, 10000 employees
  • A British tech start-up, 5 employees
  • A Slovenian subsidiary of an IT multinational along with its partners in SEE, 500 employees in total
  • A global bank, 140000 employees
  • A Croatian hotel and tourism company, 1300 employees
  • A British-American pharmacy store chain, 370000 employees, of whom 300 in the market insights department

In this way
we build
level 3 -
- organisations

Questions we address

Our experience


United Kingdom, the United States, China, France, Germany, Romania, Russia, India, Australia, Singapore, Middle East (Oman, Iraq, UAE)

Our experience

South-East Europe

Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna, Klagenfurt), Slovenia (Ljubljana, Velenje, Ptuj), Croatia (Zagreb, Rovinj, Koprivnica), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Banja Luka), Serbia (Belgrade, Sombor, Vrbas), Montenegro (Podgorica), Macedonia (Skopje)

Why work with us?

We provide you with key benefits over:

About us

We are a South-Eastern European consulting firm comprised of local experts with global experience. We help organisations improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Operational and consulting experience within one team

The members of our team have worked as executives and consultants in the SEE market, as well as the Western European, American and Asian markets.

Our platform of knowledge and experience is unique in the SEE market

Our associates who work with us on projects provide substantial operational experience and deep knowledge of best practices in their respective industries.

We support key areas of business

Strategy, organisational structure and processes, finance, marketing, branding and supply chain are all areas in which we provide expert support.

We are committed to the SEE region

Our headquarters is in Zagreb, but we work across the region, including in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Dr. Marko Čoh, MBA

managing partner

  • Dr. Marko Čoh has extensive experience in strategic projects and projects involving organisational development and executive team formation. The projects he was involved with have generated significant value for those organisations, affording them strategic clarity and operational efficiency.
  • Marko has enabled global executive teams to define and implement successful new operating models and organisational structures.
  • His experience includes definition and implementation of multi-million investment plans and project management of numerous organisational transformations. He has led dozens of workshops in collaboration with key executives in the client organisations.
  • Marko specialises in organisation design, change management, process re-design and development of organisational capabilities.
  • His past clients include British-American pharmacy chain, global airline, global bank, British retailers and global IT company (South-Eastern European subsidiary).
  • Marko holds a PhD in Strategic Management from London Business School and MBA from University of Ljubljana.

Hektorovićeva 2

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

[email protected]

L3 Consulting Group d.o.o.

Registered office: Ribnjak 56, 10000 Zagreb

MBS identification number: 081103275
OIB identification number: 90015288467

Bank account at Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Zagreb

IBAN: HR3523400091110873863

Director: Marko Čoh

Share capital: 20.100,00 HRK paid-in in full

L3 Consulting Group d.o.o. za savjetovanje registered at Commercial Court Zagreb under the registry number

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